Tuesday, May 31, 2016

{January 2016: Snow Fun, Preschool, Baby Milestones, Dance}

Baby Girl H, Little Man C and Mama {Me} having Snow Much Fun together!  Such a Lovely Day! :)
 We enjoyed playing, making snowmen and snowballs.  Such a Fun Snow Day! :)
 Baby Boy D Standing.  He learned to walk this month {January}.  Baby Boy D loves to suck his thumb!  So cute!  Baby Girl H and Little Man C, wearing their crown creations, that we made at co-op Preschool, at our house.  So much fun!
Sweet Sleepy Baby Boy D.  Big Sister R, at her Dance Team Practice.  Baby Boy D, in the midst of his siblings "packing to go on a trip" game.  It looks like they didn't want to forget a single thing in the house, including Baby Boy D! #kidsarehilarious  
Baby Girl H and Little Man C, love playing in the Snow!  Baby Boy D smiling sweetly and eating. :)
Sweet Baby Boy D, and Baby Girl H.  Fun at Co-op Preschool {at our House}.  Mark's 2nd Graders at School, doing a Readers Theater. :)

Friday, May 20, 2016

{December 2015: Christmas Festivities, Family Visits, Snow, Perform Talents}

Christmas Festivities.  Love Our Kiddos, Christmas Eve Matching Pajamas.  Baby Girl H's {turn} putting the Star, on the top of our Advent Calendar.  Baby Boy D's First Christmas.
 Lovely White Christmas. Our Girls Opening Presents.  Snacks for Santa & Reindeer.
 Our Sweet Kiddos Opening Presents, together.
Special Christmas Breakfast.  Baby D Snuggling with Daddy and Standing Up.
Opening Christmas Presents together, as a Family.
 Nativity Play on Christmas Day.
 Girl Band Practice.  Curling Our Girls' Hair.  Creating Art.  Big Sister R & Little Miss K, Entering & Winning Awards at their School Art Contest.  Little Miss K Singing at her School Christmas Concert.  So Proud of our Kiddos! :)
 Our Kids had So Much Fun; Making a Ginger Bread House and Christmas Sugar Cookies.  Little Miss K did an Amazing job on her talk in Primary {at Church}: "I know that my Redeemer Lives". Her talk that she said was, "President Gordon B. Hinckley shared his testimony: 'Jesus is my friend. He is my exemplar. He is my teacher. He is my healer. He is my leader. He is my Savior and my Redeemer. He is my God and my King. Gratefully, and with love, I bear witness of these things.'  Jesus is my Savior, for He rescues me from me. I'll try to explain just how to you. It's very clear to see. Heavenly Father sent me here, to learn to choose the right. I can't get back to live with him, unless I win the fight. Each day I have to make a choice. Some days I seem to choose the path that's leads away from Christ, and that's the way I lose. But God knew that I'd need some help, so Jesus said he'd come, and be my Savior so I can try to be the best I can become. And when I try to change my ways, a better person be, I can succeed because of Christ, who gave His life for me. I know that Jesus is my Savior, because He died for my sins. I want to do all I can, to follow His example and be worthy to live with Him again, someday. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
Baby D Adorably Sleeping.  I LOVE that he sucks his thumb!  It is Super Cute! :)  Our Christmas Cards & Baby Announcements, ready to send out.  
   Mark's brother Glen, his wife Summer, and their 4 kiddos {our nieces & nephews} came to visit us at our place, for a few days.  It was so lovely to spend time with them.  
We had a wonderful time, visiting the Cheney side of the family, up in Washington, a few days after Christmas, through New Years.  We also celebrated Baby Girl H's Birthday, this month, which I will be posting about on my photog blog, very soon.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

{November 2015: Thanksgiving, Visit Family, Performances, Family Fun}

November was a lovely month!  We spent our time with family and friends; and feeling thankful for our many blessings, that God has given us.  We spent Thanksgiving day, up in Oregon, visiting Mark's side of the family.  It was Baby D's first Thanksgiving.  Our kids enjoyed spending time with cousins: going to see our friends, star in the play "Annie", making up plays, and making and eating our delicious, Thanksgiving Dinner with them.
 Baby Girl H, smiling for mama, with her fancy clothes and her baby doll.  Daddy {Mark}, showing our fascinated kids, a craw-fish, that he found in our irrigation stream.  We rescued the craw-fish, and took him to a better home, {at the park}, to live in a river.    
 Little Man C, playing in the snow.  Baby Boy D, sitting in his high chair.  Little Miss K, dressing up for 50's day at school {#50days}.  We enjoyed having Thanksgiving early in the month, at our home in Idaho, together with just our kiddos; before heading to celebrate with extended family, later in the month {on Thanksgiving Day}.
 Our Kiddos Love Snuggling with our Sweet Kitties!  We brought them into our breezeway, during the cold winter months.  Our Kitty in the Cat Habitat, with the visitor Kitten {that we later helped to find a home}.  
 Big Brother E, going on a hiking/camping trip with his Daddy.  We enjoyed watching Big Sister R, perform at a Christmas Festival with her Honor Choir {that she is in}, from school.  She {& the Choir}, did a fabulous job!
 Up in Oregon, at our Thanksgiving Festivities, the kids enjoyed playing awesome, fun Games with their Cousins {setup by Auntie Laura}.
 We enjoyed going up into the Mountains, with Mark's side of the family, to practice Shooting targets. It was a lot of fun!
 Our kids {& I} loved going to see our besties, perform in the play "Annie".  Little Man C, enjoyed building a cardboard boat, with his Daddy, and posing with his Grandparents.  On the way back down to Idaho, we were all excited to watch our Big Sister R, perform with her Dance Team, at a Christmas Festival.  {She &} They were amazing! #soproudofthem

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