Thursday, April 28, 2016

{Sept. 2015: Family Fun & Visits, Kids Soccer, Farm Field Trip}

C & K having fun riding bikes.  Grandma {my mom} having fun, reading stories to our kiddos.
 Baby D Snuggling with Grandpa {my dad} and {my brother}, Uncle Joe; and saying "hello".
 Our son E, and daughters R & K had a blast playing soccer this season.  They had fun scoring lots of goals, dribbling down the field, passing to their team mates and kicking down the field.
Some of the Chandler side of the family, at Mark's little sister Kristy and husband Troy's baby's blessing.  They have 5 kiddos.
Our daughter R baked a cake, for our church party. Little man C going to his first day of Co-op Pre-school.  My friends and I take turns, being the teacher, one week {2 days}, a month. Baby D standing in his crib.  Little Miss H smilin' & stylin'.
Special Family Fun Moments.  Little Miss R, with her volcano project, that she made for school.
Our family having fun together, watching the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse. Our Pre-school group, went to a Farm together, on a day when the kids...
{& Mark}, had the day off, so I took the 5 older kids {and Mark stayed home with the baby}, on the Field Trip.
We had fun: sliding down the hay slides, feeding &
 petting the animals, going through the hay mazes...  
racing rubber ducks, and having fun together with... 
 our Preschool friends, and our family.  We have 4 of our Birthdays in September also.  I will post our fabulous celebrations to my photog blog, very soon.

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